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The road which runs from Salerno to Positano is the most beautiful on the Amalfi coast, with its natural and artistic views, which figures on the list of UNESCO which is a protectorate for conservational areas world wide since 1997. Along this coastal road you will find small villages with authentic beauty.


Amalfi Coast Excursions

  1. ravelloRavello is a medieval town and one of the most frequented of the entire Amalfi Coast. It has preserved its old charm with its narrow cobbled stone roads which climb towards the higher parts of Ravello, to its gardens full of flowers and panoramas of extreme beauty. In this art paradise shopping is a must: a short stop at "Ravello Gusti e Delizie" shop which is located on Via Roma, where you will find local products such as figs, jams, lemon honey, Limoncello etc. You will find a well stocked wine cellar with a wide choice of fine national and regional wine such as Brunello di Montalcino, Sassicaia, Chianti, Barolo, Amarone, Taurasi, Aglianico, Piedirosso, Lacryma Christi, Greco di tufo, Fiano, Coda di Volpe, etc...
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  2. vietri sul mareVietri sul Mare is famous for its ceramic work which since medieval time has expanded through all the Mediterranean, to keep Vietri's economy going even through bad times. You will find small shops on every corner of its store centre.
  3. maioriMaiori is a beautiful town on the Amalfi Coast. It arches on the sea from its land terraces which are covered with lemon tress, which offer a beautiful panorama. You can visit the abbey of Santa Maria and Capo d'Orso.
  4. minoriMinori is where the blue sea blends in with green vine yards built on land terraces claimed back from the mountain through cultivation system. In Minori, you can visit a Roman villa where important parts are still preserved.
  5. atraniAtrani was built by the Romans in the 4th century D.C. In the 9th century it became a powerful maritime republic for the next 2 centuries. Today, the main industry is tourism and tourist come all through the year due to the climate and natural beauty.
  6. amalfiAmalfi fondata dai romani nel IV secolo D.C., nel IX secolo si affermò come repubblica e potenza marittima nei due secoli successivi. Oggi la sua risorsa principale è il turismo, favorito tutto l'anno dalla mitezza del clima e dalla scenografica bellezza dei luoghi.
  7. positanoPositano is the most frequented locality of the Amalfi Coast. The old fisherman dwellings are the architectonic spectacle of the town. The characteristic streets filled with elegant and colourful shops are famous worldwide ad "Moda Positano".


Citta d'Arte Excursion

  1. napoliNaples over overlooks its gulf and is known and appreciated worldwide for its artistic and natural beauty and also for its rich past.
  2. casertaCaserta with its Royal palace, jewel of the city which was built by Charles the Third with the village of St. Leucio situated in the north east of the Royal palace park, in the medieval part of old Caserta. Its 12th Century cathedral dominates the square.
  3. paestumPaestum old city of the "Magna Grecia" archeology centre among the most famous in the world, with three Doric temples "Poseidon temple", "Cerere temple" and the "Era temple", this is one of the most well conserved in the world.
  4. certosa di padulaPadula's Certosa is as well known as "San Lorenzo's Certosa". This is one of the Biggest and most famous in Italy. It is situated in "Cilento's Park".
  5. salernoSalerno has one of the most beautiful gulfs in Italy. Rich with its mountains amongst which there is a castle and cathedral. It is a splendid example of Roman architecture. It is dedicated to its patron saint "S. Matthew". It is situated in the suggestive historic centre of the city.
  6. pompeiPompeii is one of the archeological sites most visited in the world. It offers a unique spectacle of an entire Roman city which was built in the 1st century BC, miraculously preserved by Mount Vesuvio's volcanic ash, which erupted in 79 D.C.
  7. ercolanoErcolano is a wonderful example of a beautiful Roman city; it suffered the same fate as Pompeii.
  8. vesuvioVesuvio dominates the bay of Naples with its unforgettable walk to the crater of the volcano, one of the most famous volcanos in the world.

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